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  1. Main activity status

    Are the activity status categories 3-7 suitable and in accordance with ILO guidelines?
    3. Self-employed.
    4. Manufacture goods for sale. Is this covered under “self-employed”? perhaps it is more an occupation.
    5. Street vendors – same comment as for 4.
    6. Produce subsistence for sale. The word “subsistence” means for family use. Is this meant to be agricultural production for sale?
    7. Produce subsistence for family use

    Perhaps these can be collapsed into three categories:
    – self-employed (non-farm)
    – self-employed (farm, mainly for sale)
    – self-employed (farm, mainly subsistence)

    Main industry

    It would be good if “Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing” could be further divided according to ISIC; e.g. into “Growing Crops”, “Raising Livestock”, “Mixed farming” and “Fishing”. If this is done, the same questions would not be needed in the Agriculture/Fishing Section.

    Secondary activity

    Additional information may be needed on occupation and industry of secondary activity (or at least something on the type of secondary activity, especially agriculture). This is of particular interest for agriculture which is mainly a secondary activity.

  2. Thanks Jack for your comment for the first question we will look at this again with the suggestion given

    For the second question yes we are now working on the ISIC with the plan of using the details categories of 4digits and that is for both ISIC and ISCO.

    3rd suggestion is also noted

    Thanks for sharing and the constructive feedback given..

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